I am the only professor at William Carey that teaches Speech Communication. I teach all of the classes in this field of study. I joke that if my majors do not like me, then they should get a different major. Here is a link to the Theatre and Communication Departmental website. http://www.wmcarey.edu/departments/theatre-and-communication

Below you will find example syllabi for each class.

Classes Taught

Public Speaking (every tri-mester) SylPublicSpeakingSUM15

Forensic Laboratory Forensic LabSpg15

Fall 2015

Political Communication SYLPolComFall15

Communication Theory SYLLABUS Fall 13 Comm Thoery

Winter 2015

Organizational Communication SYLOrgCommWt13

Persuasion SYLPersuasionWT13

Spring 2016

Interpersonal Communication  Syl IPC SP15

Nonverbal Communication SYLNonverbalSP14

Fall 2016

Small Group Communication sylSmall GroupFall2014

Research Methods SYLLABUS Fall 14 Research Packet Research Methods Packet

Winter 2016

Argumentation and Debate SYLWT14

Classical Rhetoric Classical RhetSYLWT14 Reading Packet Greatest Speeches

Spring 2017

Interpersonal Communication  Syl IPC SP15

Advanced Public Speaking SYLNonverbalSP14

Courses Taught occasionally or Directed Readings

Intercultural Communication sylInterculturalSummer15

Business and Professional Communication Bus&Prof Syl05

Interviewing SYLLABUS

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